About us

Feats Support Services is a Nigerian based education consultancy that helps place students into a number of American, Canadian, European and Asian Universities.

Being based in Nigeria and making visits to America, Canada, Asia and Europe, we can contact and discuss your case with our partner universities directly.
We have on our network, a number of top American, Canadian, European and Asian Universities for you to pick from. Presently, we help place students from Nigeria into various universities in the aforementioned countries.

If you are based in Nigeria, then you can visit our liaison offices personally and get assistance from our friendly and professional education consultants. We will be able to help you with any queries regarding the institution of your choice, the most suitable program of study and provide you with timely response and up-to-date information wherever you are.

Feats Support is one of the fastest growing consultancies in Nigeria. Registered in 2008 and commenced operation sometime in 2009 with one person and one client; we thank God today because we have moved beyond that level. We decided to bootstrap ourselves to success and keep in tune with what’s happening in the industry, moving quickly to leverage new opportunities and keenly focused on clients’ satisfaction.