1. What is Feats?

The word Feats implies achievements! Feats Support Services is one of the top consultant companies in the field of overseas education. Feats Support is assisting hundreds of students to reach their study destinations. With highly trained, committed and professional staff, Feats Support helps you in every situation. Feats Support is a one-stop service provider that processes applications for all the universities that matches your profile and ensures that the institutions you have applied are accredited and reputed.

Is Feats a registered company?

Yes! Feats Support Services is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria and has the following certifications/affiliations that demonstrate its professionalism.

  • SEC: Society of Education Consultants UK
  1. 3.    What are the services that Feats offer?

Feats Support offers several services to the students in various factors, which includes:

  • Career counseling
  • Selection of Course, University & Country
  • Admission Formalities
  • Registration & preparation for standardized test e.g. GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc
  • Visa Assistance
  • Bank Loans Assistance
  • Value-Added Service such as Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Ticketing etc.
  • Pre-departure briefing &
  • Post departure Services
  1. 4.    What are the services that distinct Feats Support from others?

Feats Support offers several additional services that help you in creating awareness about the overseas education. These services includes

  • Quick inquiry responses
  • Free entrance ticket to members during universities presentation
  • Discounts on admission processing and tutoring fees.
  • Discount on study materials
  • Special application and documentation support on admission and visa procurement
  • Access to subsidized CSR trainings
  • Free resume & SOP formatting
  • National Helpline


  1. 5.    How does Feats Support make my visa processing easy?

Feats Support ensures that, the institutions you have applied for are accredited and reputed. Once students come to Feats, they need not worry about anything else as all their needs are looked after professionally.


  1. 6.    Why should I register with Feats?

As a registered member, you stand several benefits that are not available to non-registered members. New benefits are added as and when due. Please go to 4 above for some of the benefits registered members have access to. Also, student membership provides online & offline access to the details and information that you require right from the day of your first contact with Feats to the pre-departure stage where you actually prepare yourself to leave to your dream destination and explore your new horizon.


  1. 7.    What all do I get by being a Feats member?

Feats student membership gives you access to the following proceedings:

  • View and update your profile.
  • View your application status.
  • Request for information on any stage of your application
  • View and confirm your course enrolment details.
  • View and print all the communication that we provide through your login id.
  • To manage your privilege account.
    And many more…
  1. 8.    How do I register online?

Online registration of Feats student login is very easy. You just have to provide some general information about yourself and start accessing our services. For more convenience you can look at the Sneak Preview in the website.


  1. 9.    Does Feats Support provide discussion forum to students?

Yes. There are several discussion forums joined by hundreds of Feats Support students belonging to different communities. They discuss about various academic programs and about the country overviews of their study destinations.


  1. 10.  I am not an Ibadan resident, can I still apply?

Yes, you can take advantage of our services from any part of Nigeria though you’re not a resident of Ibadan. Feats also facilitate its services to the students from our offices located throughout the country. As Feats has online servicing system, it is easy to avail the services for the students staying away from the office.


  1. 11.  Where is Feats Support Services located?

The corporate/liaison office of Feats Support Services is located in Ibadan and is coming up with several offices in different places of Nigeria, with an intention to spread its wings across the country.


  1. 12.  What are the documents required to be sent after applying?

Universities generally require transcripts up to the end of third year and even up to end of the 1st half of 4th year. If a student has not sent his/her transcripts accordingly, these together with other documents have to be sent after applying.


  1. 13.  What are the essential contents of an SOP?

Academic background, achievements, interest in the field of study chosen, future plans and why a specific university was decided upon (to apply/join)


  1. 14.  What is the difference between an SOP and Essay?

SOP is a Statement of Purpose, which is meant for admission at the MS level. Essays are multiple in numbers, on specific situations and required for MBA admissions in many universities.


  1. 15.  How many recommendations are to be obtained?

Three (3) are normally required.


  1. 16.  Who should not give recommendation?

Those who have NOT taught the student or interacted with him in any capacity should not give recommendations.


  1. 17.  Should recommendations be sent directly to universities?

Some universities always request recommenders to send their recommendations directly. Most accept the recommendations’ inclusion along with other application material. However, they must be in sealed envelopes, with the signature of the recommender across the flap of the same, confirming that it was not tampered with.


  1. 18.  How to pay the application fee?

Best way is online, with a credit card.


  1. 19.  Is application fee waived to international students?

In most cases No, but some universities might waive. Most UK applications do not require fee.


  1. 20.  When does one start following up with universities about admission status?

After at least 3-4 weeks from applying.


  1. 21.  How long does a university take to decide on application?

Normally between 2 to 8 weeks, after full application material is received.


  1. 22.  When can one expect an I-20 form after applying?

After at least 8 to 12 weeks.


  1. 23.  In what way can Feats Support help with application procedures?

By applying immediately and following-up regularly, these can speed up the admission process. Students applying to our partner universities are given priority attention.


  1. 24.  Who can take GRE exam?

Anyone who wants to pursue a master’s course especially in a US university in any stream other than management, law or medicine


  1. 25.  How soon do I get my score?

You will see your score the moment you finish the exam, but official scores takes 21 days to reach the student.


  1. 26.  To whom GMAT is required and when are the scores available to the applicant?

All the students seeking admission into MBA and other management-related programs in USA, Canadian, Netherlands or Australian universities are required to take the GMAT test. Informally you can get the test scores instantly after completion of the test, excluding the writing analysis section. The authorized GMAT score report will be mailed to you within two weeks after the test.


  1. 27.  How do I send my score to the college?

The universities only accept official scores sent directly by ETS. Scores to four colleges can be sent for free on the exam day. Subsequently, for each score report sent to a college, you would have to pay a fee.


  1. 28.  How important is the GRE/GMAT score in helping to secure scholarships for postgraduate studies?

The GRE/GMAT score, your past academic record and your application materials play a vital part towards securing not only admission, but also a possible scholarship.


  1. 29.  What is percentile?

If you get 85 percentile it would mean 85 % of the students taking the exam in the past five years are below you and 15% are equal to or above you.


  1. 30.  What is the GRE subject test?

The GRE subject tests are specialized tests, to be taken only if your university asks for it. Check with them.


  1. 31.  To whom GMAT is waived?

Some colleges/universities may waive the GMAT requirement if the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in business administration, engineering or science from an appropriately accredited institution.
  • Have earned an upper division (last 60 credits) undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • Have at least 4 years of managerial experience.